Saturday, July 7, 2007

Mumbai - Livable ?

One thing that really fascinates me .. is how cities are planned ?
i mean if we truly see .. there are some citiees which are planned ..
yes there are some in
India too . ..
I mean ppl staying in
Bombay ,, which is a totally unplanned city ..
would not actually believe that cities could be planned .. but than they can be ..
some of the best planned cities in the world are .. London , Shanghai,Singapore,
and many more ...these cities have well defined commercial, residential,entertainment
and other zones in the city .. there is so much emphasis on planning ..
some of the cities are so planned that .. that at any given time there are almost equal number of
people in all major areas of the city ... the commercial,residential and other sectors
are equally distributed to facilitate this

well i m telling u abt this coz traveling, walking and in fact living has become almost impossible
in Mumbai ...trains are crowded .. roads are jammed and there are ppl all around and
apart from the influx of ppl in this city .. another problem with this city is its crumbling
infrastructure and bad design (planning)

The problem with mumbai s infrastructure has always been that the city travels in
one directions at a time ..
it is either townwards in the morning or .. outta town in the evening ..
the reason off course is the fact that the city centre .. which includes the commercial hub
for which it is known .. which still employs the largest number of people is in south
bombay ..
and as and when the land prices escalated in the southern area ..
and Mumbai had only one direction to grow.. so the residential areas kept moving .. upwards ..
and to such an extent .. that at one time .. almost all of Mumbai travelled southwards the morning ..
anyways .. the authorities finally woke up .. and there have been infrastructure and transportation plans ..
like MUTP and MUIP to make mumbai a better city ..
the shifting of commercial areas to BKC, SEEPZ and New Bombay etc. is one such step ..
widening of roads . better planning in terms of residential areas ..extra rail lines , flyovers , slum rehab ,
clearing mill lands etc .. are projects which i hope will result in a better mumbai.....

to tell u a few facts abt some cities which are well planned and are Indian ..

Jaipur and Chandigarh are cities where all the roads cut each other at right angles ..

There can never be a traffic jam at connaught place which is the city centre of New Delhi

Vashi and Chandigarh are cities divided into various sectors .. of equal areas ..
and each sector has parks, markets and other facilities.

New Delhi, Jaipur, Vashi and Chandigarh .. are some of the recent cities in India ..
which are very well planned ..


Serendipity said...

aha. :)

your right - about living in Mumbai being so tough. but i see very little that can be done - the new flyovers built ease traffic problems for a while and then all they do is shift congestion from one point to another.

we r just way too many people and way little place. and resources. energy. limited. remember?

Just another Indian said...

.. thats why .. i ve decided to leave this place as soon as i can ... that wud make the problem one person less

Anrosh said...

Name a city which does not have its share of problems. Suburban towns in the US has its share of traffic jams from 7.00- 8.00 in the morning where everyone gets to work and so does in the evening after 4.30. Traffic jam can be as bad as one hour or more in the evening. Cities have resources galore and that's why the crowd and all that brings with it. Be glad that you live in one of the most famous cities of the world and there is so much to explore. And one will never be bored. cities have zest, an energy which no suburban towns can give. Yes, villages are definitely good in their own way.